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Room 810


810 people at room 810!

810 - Exhibition by Stephen Butkus & Nicolai Schaanning Larsen at Clarion Hotel The Hub.

A raw, intimate and comprehensive art project of Oslo and people. 

Photographer and artist Stephen Butkus, in collaboration with artist and curator Nicolai Schaanning Larsen, have during this autumn photographed 810 unique portraits. The result has now become one  of the largest portrait-exhibitions of all times, showing the inhabitants in relation to their city Oslo, capital of Norway. Unfiltered, unretouched and uncensored. Portraying Oslo raw and real, like it truly is. 

The exhibition takes place at "Room 810" at Clarion Hotel The Hub, Saturday, October 21 from 12-16. Open for one day only.  

"The desire was to create a unique experience while displaying the faces of Oslo in a way that has not been seen before. Perhaps you find yourself? Someone you know? Or someone you just met on the street?" - Stephen Butkus  

The art installation uses the entire room 810 as a surface. Everything from walls and ceilings, sticks and hooks, wires and toothbrushes are plastered with a total of 12,960 images.  «810 was a demanding and comprehensive project with a total of 12,960 photographs,  permeated with genuine positivity and playfulness» - Nicolai Schaanning Larsen 

“It has been very inspiring to watch Stephen and Nicolai interpret our vision of Clarion Hotel The Hub. Project 810 is a meeting point and a hub, in the same way we envisage the hotel to become. Project 810 has also given us the opportunity to involve Oslo’s citizens in the process and invite them to a unique and unexpected art experience on a building site» - André Schreiner, General Manager at Clarion Hotel The Hub 

Room 810 is located in the middle of one of Oslo's largest construction projects and what  is to become Clarion Hotel The Hub.

Stephen Butkus (1983) has worked as a fashion, art and portrait photographer for 16 years. He started by documenting subcultures and nightlife in some of the world's largest cities and has over the years earned a reputation as one of Scandinavia's most progressive and exciting photographers. Project 810 is his most comprehensive art piece, so far.  

Nicolai Schaanning Larsen, (1976) is a creative entrepreneur and founder of YME Universe and The Nordic Archives. With 20 years of experience, he works in the intersection between design, art, fashion, interior and architecture. He graduated from Central Saint Martins in London and has received international recognition and awards for his projects. 

Foto: Helge Brekke

Clarion Hotel The Hub

A vibrating hub with a touch of Oslo. A place for meetings between all kinds of people - characterized by art, design, music, and a taste of the local. An arena for creativity, early and late mornings, new tastes, unexpected nights and experiences you will remember for a long time. Clarion Hotel The Hub will have 24 meeting rooms, 810 hotel rooms and a total meeting capacity of 1800 people. The hotel is located in the middle of Oslo city, and will have two restaurant concepts based on local avours. One of them is on top oor with a magical view over the fjord and Oslo city. It is very important for the hotel to give inspiring experiences to the guests, and o er solutions that are sustainable and innovative.